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Mosquito Screens for Hatches, Portlights and Companionways

Distributed in the US by Seoladair Ltd.

Winnner of the 2013 Freeman Pittman Award for innovation

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Install the Mosquito Net without having to go on deck. Open the hatch or portlight and attach the suction cup to the window from inside the cabin and fasten the Mosquito net in place by tightening the lock for the suction cup cord. The Mosquito Net is fine enough to keep small insects and gnats outside. Make sure to chose a model that is larger than the hatch or portlight. The figures below illustrate the three models available.

Model W1220
Mosquito Net for Hatches
 23 5/8 in. x 23 5/8 in. or smaller.
Covers an opening
 20 1/2 in. x 20 1/2 in. or smaller.
Model W1221
Mosquito Net for Hatches
 31 1/2 in. x 31 1/2 in. or smaller.
Covers an opening
 27 5/8 in. x 27 5/8 in. or smaller.
Mosquito Net for Portlights
11 3/4 in. x 15 3/4 in. or smaller.
Covers an opening
9 7/8 in. x 13 7/8 in. or smaller.

Mosquito Net For Companionways

Hang up the Mosquito Net over the companionway to the cabin. The lead edge (1 3/4 oz. per ft.) keeps the Mosquito Net in place. Lift the edge when you go in or out and just drop the edge back and the net falls easily into place again. Universal size (35 1/2 inches x 70 5/8 inches) fits all. The Mosquito Net comes with a convenient storage bag.