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Part # Parts for Model K1500 Call or Email for a Quote
B1590 Boom Track Fitting
B1560    Boom Slider
B1580    Track 12"(30.5cm) Length
CP-0.312x1.250 Clevis Pin 5/16"x 1 1/4"
CP-0.312x2.750 Clevis Pin 5/16"x 2 3/4"
K1520 Clamp Plate (Specify top or bottom)
K1540 Extension
K1580 Extension Clamp Assembly
K1560 Spring Rod, 3/4"(19mm) Dia. x 49" See Optional Parts
M1500 Mast Fitting
M1510     Mast Swivel
M1520     Mast Bracket
M1530     Round Mast Slide, 7/16"(11mm) Dia.
M1560 Fastener Pack (Fasteners, Drill, Tap, Hex Key)

Exchanges within the continental US:
1 The standard round mast slide can be exchanged for the optional sizes. Flat slides are 1/8"(3mm) thick. Includes shorter screws. Mail back only the slide, along with a return address. Specify width and part number required. Please include a check for $6 to cover S&H. Mail to address below.
2 If uncut, a pair of spring rods can be exchanged for the optional smaller diameter. Please include a check for $15 to cover S&H. Ship to address below.
Seoladair Ltd., 708-B East Elm Ave., LaGrange, IL 60525